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Mixed Media Fusion is in the business of helping your business grow. We havea passion for providing the best service possible. Our rates are fair and honest, and so are our people. Whatever needs you might have, and however we can help you to achieve them, our mission is to see you succeed.

Mixed Media Fusion is the Paxil to your business and marketing anxiety. We guarantee a 110% reduction in marketing migraines and business blues. Headaches are painful. And when you come to us looking for the cure, we know you’re not talking about Robert Smith (even though we love him). Our expert consultants are here to guide you every step of the way, to educate you on our processes and help you make the best possible decisions for your brand. We take your hand, collaborate with you, and make sure you understand everything we are doing – soup to nuts – and how our methods will enable your growth.

Innovation Think Tank Think of it this way: We fuse like Voltron. When you hire us to manage your projects and market your brand, you gain unparalleled access to a well-rounded team of friendly, knowledgeable, action-oriented experts in every field of business and marketing. And we love what we do.

“Our integrated strategies are the oil for your brand’s machine.”



Through our project management process, we help you form a bulletproof, cohesive plan of attack to meet your project goals and maintain them by providing continuous oversight and delivering consistent results.


MMF takes a consultative approach to designing and executing a well-researched, integrated marketing strategy that takes into account each and every detail that may impact your bottom line. Contact Us Today to Learn More


Howdy, partner! We offer white labeling services and referral fees to our partner consultants and agencies. Partner with us and work with the best in the business of providing stellar marketing services to local and nationwide clientele.



Every great marketing strategy has lots of moving cogs – we keep track of all of the moving parts for you so your well-oiled machine keeps chugging along without a hitch. Mixed Media Fusion handles it all so you don’t have to. With a community of top experts in multiple disciplines, we take the hassle out of having to source your campaigns piecemeal by managing the moving parts of the integrated marketing mix for you.


We take great pride in working together to build a customized, cohesive strategy for your brand. We give you access to our hundreds of years of combined expertise, pairing tried and true technical methods with the wow-factor of hot creative solutions that capture eyeballs and make them pop!


Our clients, partners, and colleagues love on us a lot. Not to toot our own horn, but what’s not to love?

  • “Demi's creativity, sense of humor, and ability to display her view of the world using an array of mediums (photography, video, writing) is second-to-none and should not be under estimated.”

    Damon BoroznyNebo Agency
  • “Doug has an exceptionally creative mind. Out of the box thinking when it comes to online and offline marketing is paramount and Doug offers that along with real life integration in order to drive conversions. His mastery of videography and social media also were a integral resource that I am now finding difficult to do without.”

    Matt Jones71lbs
  • “What more can I say? Kim is a warm, talented and highly experienced woman who knows more than most on web usability. I am also highly grateful for her time and energy put into Cre8asite Forums - I hope one day to have the honour of meeting her in person.”

    Darren MoloneyWeb Marketing Consultant, SEO, PPC


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