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Mixed Media Fusion believes in strategic and creative partnerships and methodologies. Most of all, we take pride in making our clients happy. Our mission is to ensure the success of our clients’ products and services offerings through long-term relationships that breed innovation and mutual respect, honoring the needs of both our clients and our clients’ clients. We pay it forward through our actions, and we place the utmost importance on the details. We believe that thinking “outside of the box” is the best way to navigate competitive marketplaces. Through our long-standing relationships and personal experiences, we are able to provide our clients with a broad scope of services to enhance and develop their products, services, and brands. We strategize through meaningful collaboration and help you implement those strategies with our team and network of experts. Whether it’s a small-scope widget for the neighborhood craft-fair or an international product that will increase the quality of life for millions, MMF not only shares your vision – we share your journey.

Demi Pietchell

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Founder/CEO of integrated marketing agency Mixed Media Fusion, Demi Pietchell has eighteen years of experience as a writer, producer, director, social media expert, content specialist, marketing consultant, and event planner. Pairing the extensive network of contacts she has built with her expertise in content and engagement, Demi helps her clients to build and leverage their social media presences to foster valuable connections and top of mind conversations, generating and preserving brand credibility and loyalty across social media platforms. Demi is twice an alumna of Tisch School of the Arts at New York University, with a bachelor’s degree from the Film and Television program and a master’s degree from the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP), a “Center for the Recently Possible” whose mission is to explore the imaginative use of communications technologies.

In addition to her work with Mixed Media Fusion, Demi is an award-winning filmmaker, co-founder and executive producer of stop motion animation studio TV Snatched the Goose Productions, and co-founder/editor-in-chief of the popular online lifestyle magazine Bacon S’mores. When she’s not cooking up a storm, analyzing dreams, or surgically attached to her laptop in Bloggers Alley, she can be found ranting and raving in blog posts, over-analyzing movies, or producing stop motion animation television with random detritus from your childhood.

Brad Newell

Chief Strategy Officer

Brad Newell is the Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) for Mixed Media Fusion. In this capacity, Brad formulates short and long term strategies based on market tends, customer needs, and long-term goals for MMF. He works together with the MMF team and clients to ensure that plans are made with win-win goals in mind. Brad graduated from Georgia Tech with a BS in Chemical and Biomolecular engineering. After graduation, he was accepted into the Professional Development Program with BASF and spent the next 18 months working on special assignments from Puerto Rico to Pittsburgh. In Puerto Rico, Brad optimized plant turnaround time and reduced total man-hours required by nearly 60%. In Pittsburgh, he worked on three separate marketing campaigns to help revitalize products that were nearing the end of their patent lives.

After developing a taste for marketing, Brad joined the sales team for BASF Agricultural Products and managed a sales territory covering all six New England states and the eastern third of New York State. After his third winter, he accepted his current position with Titan America, developing their inside sales department from the ground up. When he’s not busy creating a harmonious environment for clients and coworkers, you can probably find Brad rooting for Georgia Tech Football, spending a night out on the town, or relaxing with a home cooked meal and a fine craft brew.

Kim Krause Berg

Holistic SEO and Usability Expert

Known globally as an expertusability, user experience, accessibility and information architecture provides consulting for websites and online software applications. Kim assists companies with creating valuable online products that meet stakeholder expectations, investor demands and revenue projections, while also enforcing that all people, including those with special needs, can use them and feel compelled to return again. Kim launched Cre8pc.com in 1997 as a search engine optimization teaching site, and in 1998 founded Cre8asiteforums.com, the first forums to discuss usability topics.

An old school hand-coder with experience using a wide range of software for testing, project management and analytics, Kim has extensive work experience and cross skills in software testing, internet marketing, human factors, accessibility and responsive web design, making for a rare and valuable mix. When Kim isn’t busy writing, speaking, and teaching courses on usability, you can find her volunteering her time developing non-profit websites and practicing Reiki. Known globally as an expert you can find her volunteering her time developing non-profit websites and practicing Reiki.

John D. Saunders

Digital Marketing Strategist | Web Designer

John D Saunders is a tenacious digital marketer with an appetite for online expansion.  As a big fan of legendary ad man, David Ogilvy, John was determined to break into the advertising world.  Almost a decade ago, while influenced by the emerging advertising culture online, John sought out to expand his digital skill set by developing adept knowledge of web design, search engine optimization, and marketing social media content for business owners.

After the success of luxury automotive dealerships, John D Saunders took his strategies to local brick and mortar businesses, utilizing his skills to push the envelope with quality marketing strategies.  As a Certified Google Analytics and Google Adwords individual, John has created successful marketing campaigns for companies including The Wow Factory, mph club, Park Ave BMW, Arraes Miami and more.  With an emphasis on analytical data and detailed targeting, John D Saunders is able to take brand ideas to fruition with the detail and tact local business owners require.

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