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Social Media Marketing

Designing and implementing a professional social media marketing strategy is an important part of growing your business. When utilized optimally, social media marketing provides a valuable opportunity to increase your business’s exposure, increase your site traffic, gain marketplace insight, develop and maintain a loyal fan base, generate leads, improve your search rankings, develop and grow your business partnerships, and improve your sales.

Most people think that because they know how to use Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest personally they know how to manage the presence of a business or brand; however, more often than not, we see brands incorrectly or inefficiently utilizing their social media presences that could ultimately damage the brand they are attempting to build. An expert social media professional can help you to define clear cut, actionable goals for your social media presence to best fit the purposes of your business so that you are best utilizing your time, your customer’s time, and your ad spend.

Buzz alone cannot carry your brand to its audience – that’s like screaming nonsense through a megaphone. So, we don’t begin by talking – we begin by listening. We listen to what you need, we listen to what your customers need, and we fuse this information together to create win/win scenarios that foster trust and long-term brand loyalty.

Social Event Strategy

What if you could extend the outreach for your event marketing to not just cover your brand’s existing reach but to grow your reach, and subsequently, the followings and engagement on your brand’s social media accounts? Wouldn’t it be great if you could leverage not just the loyalty and enthusiasm of your own super users, but also get the attendees at your targeted event and those watching via social media channels to evangelize your brand for you? Many brands and interest groups have come to Mixed Media Fusion to build a robust social media presence around an event campaign. Mixed Media Fusion can create a plan to reward your community for their engagement that keeps them happy, keeps them coming back, and encourages them to spread the word about you. Through our social media outreach programs, we help you build user retention strategies to grow your engagement within your community, your targeted event, and beyond.

Social Media Management

Customizing a plan to post strong, relevant content that impacts your customers profoundly, knowing what and when to post on which platform, knowing how often to post, focusing on the quality of your engagement and interactions, managing your community and their expectations for instantaneous responses to their thoughts, questions, and concerns – all of these nuanced parts of your social media strategy and more are best handled by an experienced, immersed social media marketing expert who can make sure your campaigns are managed effectively for the best possible results.

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